What is prizee?
It's the most popular site with games where you can play games and wint prizes.
There is available 6 languages of site: english, french, german, spanish, italian and roumanian.You have free parties daily to use, were you can win Bubz. [What is "bubz" you can read below.]I invite you to register in prizee for free.There is registered 9 millions players. So don't wait anymore and register to prizee!!!
What is Bubz? 
Bubz are the site moneys which you can win from playing games. Then Bubz you can spend to get prizes from key ring to plazma televisor! Kind of games  In prizee is 4 kind of games:
Free Games, The Secret Games, The Challenges and The Legendary Games.
Free games - Games which you can play when register.---The Secret Games - Available only when you finish some quests or when you are VIP.---The Challenges - You can play in this games using your cash from your Treasure Chest.---The Legendary Games - Available only from a MaxPack.
What is Maxpack?
Maxpack is onetime using code. When you buy it you can choose a game which you want to play more (+15 or +45) times (subject for game). Maxpack code made from letters and numbers (CG8MT6 or H9SDFT45Z etc.). First maxpack which you get when play in prizee 3 days will be FREE!!! How to get Maxpack?  When you login in prizee in left menu choose "Maxpack", when loads choose the game which tou want to use maxpack, press "reload your account" And choose one of method how to buy maxpack.
SMS - you can buy maxpack by sending SMS.Maxpack code - activate maxpack when you get it.Creditcard - You can buy maxpack by creditcard. Maxpack collector  With each you use maxpack, you get 1 stamp in maxpack collector and always you full the page you get prize! Prizes you can see below.I ||II | III---|---|-----1. |10 |Free maxpack
2. |20 |Personal Stereo
3. |50 |PC JoyPad
4. |50 |Laser Pen

5. |100 |Bubbly Watch

6. |200 |Binoculars
7. |500 |DVD/DivX Player
8. |1000 |palmOne Tungsten

9. |2000 |E2

10.|5000 |Sony PSP

Frakass V6 or Plasma Television
Collums: I - Page ; II - How many stamps to collect ; III -
Award Ways to Get Gifts
 In are
4 ways to win prize:Show window - fixed number of people which wants gift electable for the win gift if you don't win prize your bubz come back.Auction - Try to win by place your bubz for the gift and be first which put most amount of bubz.Queue - Every day you must to come in prizee and confirm your queue.Gift Ticket - buy gift ticket for 5 Bubz, rub the ticket and be lucky to win prize!